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Interior Decorating trends in Denver have long included faux finish painting as one of the most elegant ways to accent your home.  The fundamentals of interior decorating consist of three distinct components including interior composition, interior textures, and interior colors.  

Denver Interior Decorating Elements

Composition, in interior decorating deals with the spatial placement of your interior decorating elements. Many people also use an ancient Chinese philosophy called “Feng Shui,” which explores this element in more detail.  To learn more about this, you may want to consult a local Denver Interior Decorator, who specializes in Feng Shui

Texture, in interior decorating, typically refers to fabric styles, as well as the use of metals, woods, and stone on walls, floors, and around windows or doors.  

Colors are the third component of interior decorating.  They can complete any interior decorating theme, enhancing spatial placement or accenting textural design.  However, each of these elements of interior decorating need to be orchestrated in concert with one another to achieve true decorative balance.  Other decorative elements that can enhance a color theme is the use of artwork that complements your color selections.

Interior Decorating in Denver

Faux Finishing, or faux finish house painting can capture the essence of interior decorating through the use of each of these decorating elements.  For example, a soft glaze can change the perception of spatial placement, while a more complex faux finish can appear to lend texture and depth, each depending on the colors chosen in your interior decorating theme.  

To see what colors might complement your Denver interior decorating theme or to simply experiment or play with an interior color scheme, select your choice of paint below for an interactive color viewer from a local Denver Supplier.

Please keep in mind that color will vary on different computer monitors, which is why we will provide actual color and faux finish samples and/or interior decorating sample boards before any work begins.

Interior Decorating - Denver Color Viewers

You may need to disable any pop-up blockers, as interior decorating links will open in a new window.  Upload photos of your own space and paint your room virtually first.

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